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100 degree weather AGAIN?! How do you beat the heat? Click here for our tips:

Beat the heat and get out of town - but first, learn how to protect your car. Read this short article: Check Out This You Tube Video: Visit Our You Tube Channel to see more of our favorites: We always advise having auto window tinting done by a professional – like the experts at Hampden Auto Body. If window tinting on your car is done poorly, you’ll wish you’d never had it done at all. We would also advise being very careful adding water to your battery – it’s best to have it checked by a car service professional as a part of your regular vehicle maintenance. Here are the today’s top tips: 1) When driving in hot weather it is particularly important to keep an eye on the lights and gauges. If your temperature gauge moves up, turn off your air conditioner and turn on the heater to its highest and hottest setting. It will be uncomfortable, but it will help draw some of the heat away from the engine. 2) Even when not stranded due to a breakdown, summer heat can pose dangers. Never leave a child or pet in a parked car. Even an outside temperature in the 80s can quickly bring a car interior to lethal levels. 3) Use a car cover - Use a car cover or reflective sunshade to protect your car's interior from excessive heat and sun damage. 4) Tint your windows to block out more of the sun's harsh ultraviolet rays that cause damage and blistering heat. - Call Hampden Auto Body today for a free estimate on window tinting. 303-761-0677 5) Maintain your interior - Use a quality vinyl or leather protectant for your dashboard and seats. 6) Top off coolant - Top off your car's coolant tank when needed. Just be careful when opening the radiator cap -- wait at least an hour after driving for the car to cool down. 7) Wash and wax the car - Wash and wax the car to remove heat absorbing dirt and oxidation. A clean, shiny car will reflect more of the sun's rays and will cut down on the radiant heat. We recommend that you wait 90 days to hand wax your vehicle following any auto body repairs to allow the paint to cure properly. Looking for the very best in Denver auto body shops? Come to Hampden Auto Body and talk to Mike or Brian! We’ve been providing our customers with Colorado’s #1 auto repair experience since 1983. Customers come to our body shop from all over the Denver Metro area including: Denver, Englewood, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, Golden, Arvada, Lakewood, and Highlands Ranch.