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What Our Wonderful Customers are Saying

"Hampden Auto Body went above and beyond to get my car repair done correctly.

My car was rear ended, causing damage to the bumper, this should have been a small and easy repair however, the insurance company responsible for my damage is known to be difficult to deal with and tries to replace parts as cheaply as possible. The insured's insurance company wanted to replace my Subaru bumper, that was in excellent condition before the accident, with a much cheaper bumper - not Subaru quality or have the body shop use a salvage bumper. Their reasoning was because my car was a 2012 Subaru, not a 2019 or 2020.

After several run ins with the insured's adjuster and learning that they were also giving Mike with Hampden Auto Body a hard time, refusing to pay for quality parts to go back on my car. I finally filed a claim with my insurance company, so that the body shop could get paid and I could get my car returned.

Once the insured's adjustor found out I filed a claim with my insurance company, he immediately cancelled my rental car which left me with no transportation. Mike was prepared for this, he already had my new Subaru parts at the shop, the new bumper painted and within a day the parts were put on my car and ready for me to pick-up.

Thank you, Mike, for working relentlessly to get me quality and correct parts for my car. I appreciate you staying in communication with me, not backing down with a difficult insurance company and going above and beyond to be sure my car was repaired correctly. My Car Looks Great!!!!!"

“This shop by far exceeds any other body shop in Denver. Mike and the other staff are very professional and polite. Before they call you and say, "come and get your car" it goes through an extremely detailed Quality Control dept. They check out everything and if there is something the inspector doesn't like then it's fixed. Only then do they call and say, "come and get it" ! Thanks again for the awesome job on my Grand Cherokee! I hope I never see you again, LOL, but if needed I'll be back.”

“A quick note to say thanks for helping me out with my Jeep repair.  Nobody can beat customer service like what you do at Hampden Auto Body. Made my day!”

“Thank you so very much on the spectacular job you all did. You are all so sweet and professional. Thank you again!”

“Truly an amazing repair shop. The quality of the work is outstanding. The staff is top notch.”

“I just wanted to thank you for taking our 2005 Toyota Camry for repairs, when insurance and other auto body shops wanted to total the car.  The car looks beautiful, and the repairs are invisible.  Like new.  We just wanted to thank you for taking on our case, and going above and beyond for us.”

“My car looks absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you and your guys for getting me in and taking such good care of the car, I really appreciate it. “

“Hands down the best body shop. Mike Ross is extremely thorough and professional. He and his company are efficient and their work is exceptional.  I highly recommend them!”

“This is the only shop I trust to take care of my Infiniti! This shop is top notch when it comes to repairs and they are very honest. I finally feel like I have a shop I can refer all my friends too and feel good about the referral! Great work and awesome customer service down to every last detail!”

“When you’re looking for auto body repair and are concerned about a business you can trust to keep the customer first, contact Hampden Auto Body.  They are especially aware of how to work with insurance companies.  They have been locally owned for decades, conveniently located and honest.  You will be in good hands.”

“After Hampden Auto Body fixed my car last summer, I got rear-ended in November. Had no qualms about coming right back. Mike and Brian both were extremely helpful in working with the other party’s insurance and getting my car fixed right. Great communication (phone and email), sent me documentation of what they were doing, and then they detailed my car – after not washing it for two months in the winter it was pretty bad – and it looked sparkling new! I cannot recommend them enough. If you’re in the Denver area and need a body shop – just go here.” 

“I can’t say enough about Hampden Auto Body. They were professional and kept me updated on the progress of my car throughout the whole process.  They set the standard for customer service, professionalism, and quality of work. I will definitely recommend them and return again when I need any sort of damage repaired on my car. I am very pleased with the quality of work. Thank you Hampden Auto Body!"

“Phenomenal service for a repeat customer.  I got lightly rear-ended on an icy day in my Land Cruiser back in January. Had Brian look at it and give me an estimate. Booked an appointment for April when I was traveling on the spot. The estimate was accurate and the price was what they said it would be.”

“From the initial consult to a challenging insurance situation to the finished work, Hampden Auto Body (HAB) did a phenomenal job on my car. This is a family-owned shop that's consistently ranked as one of the top body shops in Denver for a reason. They pride themselves on delivering top-notch customer service, and that's exactly what they did for me:

  • When I called HAB for the first time, it was just after the shop had closed for the day. But the owner, Mike Ross, patiently answered all my questions and explained the repair process well after the time he'd normally have gone home for the day. What's more, he didn't pressure me to bring my car in to his shop—he just wanted to help me out and make sure I knew what my options were. He was genuine, knowledgeable, and laid-back.
  • Mike worked with me to understand my financial situation and what would be the best solution to repair my car.
  • Mike exhibited great expertise and patience in handling the inherent challenges with the insurance company, including an unusually long delay, to justify a supplemental check that they issued to meet my repair needs.
  • Mike persistently searched for quality replacement parts at good prices, with an emphasis on safety.
  • Mike's team did high-quality work! My new bumper and trunk looked fantastic and like-new, making me proud and excited to drive my car again.
  • Mike's team went the extra mile in a few notable ways, giving my new trunk extra coats of paint and, much to my surprise, fully cleaning and detailing my car. Rust stains that I didn't think could come off were gone, the wheels and hubcaps looked like-new, the inside was vacuumed, the windows were spotless and streak-free, and the interior smelled nice.
  • Mike's team pays attention to detail. For example, when reattaching my rear license plate, they replaced the existing two screws I'd been using since I bought the car in 2005 with four brand-new ones. It was a little thing that said a lot about how they run their business.

The best part about my experience with HAB is that because of their efforts, I was able to keep my car without it being totaled or having to pay out-of-pocket to fix it, which was vitally important to me because I wasn't at fault in the accident. And HAB didn't just restore my car to its former condition, they ultimately **upgraded it** with the parts they used and the quality of their repair work.


I couldn't be happier with the level of care and professionalism that HAB showed with me and my car. Should one of my vehicles ever need work in the future, I know who'll be fixing it.”

"It has been at least two years since anyone has come up to me and said” WOW that is a beautiful truck.  Since I picked my truck up from your shop at least 6 people have made a point to say WOW that is a beautiful truck”.  

It is the quality of your work that has brought this truck back to showroom condition.  For that I say thank you Mike to you and your crew.

I will always promote your place as the highest quality body shop I have ever been to and promote friends and family to frequent your place when needed.

I am a customer for life. Thank you again."

"A family owned and operated local business with almost 30 years of experience that has thoroughness, competence, integrity, communication and high standards.  I fully endorse and recommend this awesome company..." 

"I would HIGHLY recommend Hampden Auto Body for any type of repair. [They] are exceptional when it comes to professionalism, quality and customer service..."

"Keeping me posted on every detail on my car as it went through repair was very impressive. Their attitude is 'doing it right'..."

"Mr. Ross even drove us to the light rail station and picked us up to complete the work on our Mazda 3. Our car looks impeccable and highly recommend this shop..."

“I have to say that I have never ever dealt with such a professional auto body shop in my life, and I am not a young chicken any longer. This company is fantastic. From the moment I obtained the estimate which I felt was lower than I expected, to the emails notifying me of each step of the process, to even have the owner drive my new vehicle to my front door, how can anyone compare. My truck is beautiful and not some quick paint job. Fantastic, they have been around for over 20 years I think and I can see why. Thank you so much Mike, I really mean it. I am so happy..."

"Thanks a second time for your help and great work. When our Jeep, or should I say my wife’s Jeep was broken into several years ago you took that car through your repair process and gave us back more than we expected.  If you remember on pick up day my wife hugged the car when she saw your impeccable work.

Then again this year I was side-swiped in our Hyundai, and once again, we got that and more.  Cleaned up, fixed up and on the road again, the little Elantra back to full dress.  Honestly the car came back feeling like new.

Thanks to the entire team, but especially the gang in the shop for caring as much as we do for our cars. Although I dislike accidents, we always know where to go if we are in one."

"Highly recommend Hampden Auto Body.  Thanks Guys for all your hard work and attention to detail."

"One of the worst parts of a car accident is not knowing who to trust with fixing your car. I have my car back and it’s like the accident never happened.  THANK YOU!!"

"Thank you so much for the fantastic job on the Olds Olero.  It’s like a brand new car again."

"You guys are terrific!  Thanks for taking care of my Infiniti.  Love how you kept us in the loop via text and calls.  Will recommend to everyone!"

"You know the feeling when your car needs some work and your just aren't sure where to take it? After much research we settled on Hampden Auto Body and I have to say Mike Ross and his guys over there are great. Subaru fixed in 3 days. Fair pricing and good guys to work with. I would recommend to anyone."

"From the moment I arrived at Hampden Auto Body I felt at ease.  The owner Mike Ross assured me they could fix everything that was wrong with my truck.  I would like to state that the level of customer service was unreal.  Mr. Ross let me know that he would personally handle all the communication with my insurance company.  Which he did and I wasn’t bothered with any of the details.  He gave me a tour of his shop and made me feel comfortable that they were doing only quality work down there.  Once they got the ok from my insurance company, they only took a few days to finish a ton of work on my vehicle.

I was so please with the outcome.  My truck looked brand new. The work they did was impeccable.  It was real nice to have email updates with the status of my vehicle. It felt as if they cared and kept me informed and updated with the progress.  It’s nice to walk into a shop and one of the owners is sitting up front and greets you.  You get a real sense of a family owned and operated business.

With great confidence I recommend everyone to take their vehicle to these guys to work on.  It such a huge headache when things happen to your vehicle, but it’s nice to have a company with that level of service and care put them back together for us.  A big thank you to the family down there at the shop.  You have a customer for life. (Well let’s hope I don’t have to come back that often!)"

"Quick and efficient repair! I enjoyed receiving the updates which kept me informed regarding the stage of repair my car was in. Will definitely be returning there in the future if I need more work done on my car."

"I was very impressed with the quality of work and the amount of professionalism! They made it as fast and as easy as possible for me (the customer). They ordered and painted the parts I needed replaced without the car there! I then later came in and they assembled it all in about 30 mins total!!! So very impressed with the way they conduct business! They let their customers know just how important they are to them, not only in the quality of work but they will look you in the face and let you know!!! No wonder they have so many awards and achievements!!! P.S. - the paint match is FLAWLESS!!!"

"I hit a deer while going 55 mph and the whole front end of my truck flew away in pieces, the hood had an interesting new roll in the front edge and deer hair stuck in the bumper. (And the deer left the scene.) As soon as I finished with CSP I drove to Hampden Auto Body. They not only did a perfect job, but had it done in time for my diving vacation10 business days later. I hope I never need them again, but would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again."

"I have gone to Hampden twice now with my new 2009 G37 Infiniti, which had front bumper scratches, a back bumper dent, and dents in both front doors. They have done a great job making my car look like new, and were very reasonably priced. Also like the fact that they took the time to explain the work they do. Would recommend them to anyone."

"Third time we have been to Hampden Auto Body and we have been very satisfied every time. This time someone backed into our Audi A6 and damaged the rear bumper. We took it to Hampden based on their previous excellent repairs and service. They verified the paint color and ordered the new bumper. They painted it and sent emails to keep us updated on the status of our repairs. When the painting was complete, they sent an email to let us know. We called to schedule an appointment and they got us in that afternoon. It took less than an hour to replace the bumper, including a very thorough detail of our Audi while we waited. We would recommend this shop to anyone! Mike and Brian took very good care of us. Nice to do business with people that really care about quality work and excellent service."

"By far the best auto body shop in Denver! Well worth the drive from anywhere... I got my Jeep fixed while I waited and they detailed it when they were done. I was not expecting to get an email thanking me when I pulled up either! You guys were amazing! Thanks so much, I will refer everyone I know."

"I picked up my Toyota Camry on February 6, 2012 and was very impressed by the staff what a fantastic job they had done on my car. My wife and I had moved to the Denver area 3 years ago and after my accident. I did not know who to call about fixing my car. We belong to AAA and your shop was recommended by the Denver office. I can't tell you how good it was to work with a body shop like Hampden Auto Body that gave excellent customer service and wonderful repair work. They kept me posted on the progress of my car and when it would be done. I will recommend Hampden Auto Body to all my friends and co workers."

"Over the past several years, I have had the ""pleasure"" of using Hampden Auto Body. After my Honda Civic and Infiniti G35x (twice) were each crashed into (while they were parked--I might add), they helped me take care of the insurance adjustment to getting a rental car. Each time my G35 looked like a new pearl when it was done. Although I did have to remind them that ""she"" does not have mud flaps...rather they are splash guards. They remembered my humor and the love I have for my cars. And they remembered my name when I would come in. It is clean shop and waiting area with a real office...rather than some other paint and body shops are covered with grime and cigarette ashes--Clean here! Say hi to Mike when you go in!!! My family has used them with success also... "

"My car was wrecked; I was having a horrible day. The guys at Hampden Auto Body made my car look better than before I wrecked it! Amazing customer service and top-notch quality made me want to write a review. These guys are incredible. If you need auto body work, stop here. Go to Hampden Auto Body. "

"I am so happy with Hampden Auto Body's service! The work was clearly well done and they were professional, fair, and friendly. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends."

"I have nothing but WONDERFUL comments to express regarding the service I received from Mike Ross and his crew at Hampden Auto Body.

My family has utilized Hampden Auto Body several times over the past several years. Each experience resulted in exceptional service, timely service, and extremely high quality repairs. Hampden Auto Body guarantees their repairs and stands behind their work.

For this last repair, Mike created an estimate and walked me through each step to the final repair cost... all which was above and beyond expectations. Mike secured transportation for me upon drop off of my vehicle and returned my car to me as I was unable to find transportation to get to the shop for pick-up of my car. And, speaking of pick-up of my repaired car, Mike and his crew finished my car a day early!

I highly recommend Hampden Auto Body! You will not be disappointed!"

"Family owned Hampden Auto Body has the best customer service and testimonials in Denver. The Quality and customer service are second to none. "


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