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We Are Green & We Are Lean

The auto collision repair industry has changed a lot in the last 30 years and when it comes to environmental stewardship, Hampden Auto Body is on the leading edge of technology.  As we like to say “We Are Green & We Are Lean”.  This motto speaks to our commitment to use lean business practices to reduce waste and environmental impact.  These practices have also improved our quality and efficiency. We know the work is never done when it comes to going green, but are proud to be taking swift steps in the right direction to reduce our environmental footprint.

Here are just a few things we’re doing to lead our industry in going green: 
  • We recycle sheet-metal, headlamps, bumpers, paper, plastic, aluminum and any other material used in repairing your vehicle.
  • Our technicians are trained to utilize new environmentally conscious materials such as waterborne paints. This reduces toxic emissions by up to 80%.
  • We recycle paint materials and solvents through the use of our solvent minimizer which allows us to save costly hazardous waste from entering the environment.
  • We employ paperless office procedures - scanning all documents and backing up all data off-site to eliminate the need for most document printing.
  • We utilize used parts at request and availability.