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Texting and Driving... It Can Wait!

Hampden Auto Body has joined the It Can Wait movement to help raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving.  Take the pledge to never text and drive at        
Here are a few tips from the It Can Wait campaign that will help you stay true to your pledge and get the word out about the dangers of texting and driving.
  • Assign a designated texter when you’re on the road with friends and family.  They can respond to incoming texts for you.
  • Put your phone on silent mode or in a place you can’t reach it.  No phone. No texts.
  • If you must contact someone while you’re driving, use the approved Bluetooth feature in your vehicle to make the call safely instead.
  • If you see a friend or family member texting and driving, tell them it’s not okay and ask them to stop.
  • Download a mobile app that will automatically reply to your incoming texts while you’re on the road to let people know you’ll get back to them later.

We can work together to keep our friends and families safe and help saves lives.